Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vintage Designed Flower Seed Packs from the 1800's and great penmenship

I have always loved Typography and if I was better at Graphic Design in college I would of probably changed careers purely on the fact that I love a good font. When I say love, I truly mean love, I search for a great font, it sings to me it makes me want to open someones website or flip a page. A great font can propel the average browser to stop,look and READ !

When I was in college in design school, and we were learning the proper way to architectural write our alphabet and letters, I would harbor deep lust and jealousy for my dear friend Danielle who naturally had a penmanship that was so accurate and gorgeously close to what I had to work very hard to get for architectural drafting class.
I longed for her penmanship and that was the moment I knew i had a love for typography. I began to seek styles out and later after college, when I had my own business i would try out different styles on my title blocks, having a little fun with some the old antique style lettering like Frederick Law Olmsted's  used on the Landscape plans for Central Park.

I have been getting feedback  the my Garden blog, should be only that , something just for garden designers, gardeners, plant people and I should only focus on what pertains to that. Well, I am not that and cant be that and never will be just that. A lover of design and nature is a lover of all things that inspire. When you want something to look beautiful, you pull from everything to get to that point. This is  little blurb this week is about being inspired by Typography and paying homage to fonts that make us melt, help us turn the page, make us click on a website, and for me help me want to improve my penmanship.

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